Canker Sores
By drrobison
March 18, 2011
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Canker Sores  

I am sure that most everyone has experienced the joys of canker sores.  What are they?  Why do they hurt so bad? How long do they last?  Canker sores, also known as Apthous ulcers, can form in clusters or all by themselves.  Usually found on the inside of cheeks and lips, canker sores hurt because the protective tissue covering of the affected area has dissoved away.  Simular to stomach ulcers.  Diet, digestive problems and stress can all be causes of canker sores.  Typically, they last for 10-14 days.  Treatment of canker sores can vary from topical antiacids to persription strength gels. I have recently been working with Family Plaza Pharmacy in West Jordan to compound a gel that has shown great promise for the treatment of canker sores.  A prescription is nessesary for the gel and the cost for 5 mg is around $35.00 which will last for awhile.  An oral exam by a dentist is a good idea only because canker sores also resemble herpes and /or other pathology.  If you have any questions about canker sores please contact us at 801-748-1399 or email me at   


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