Financing Dentistry
By drrobison
April 25, 2011
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 Financing Your Dentistry

 One of the many concerns that patients have regarding dental work is the cost of treatment.  Dental insurance can help soften the blow to the pocket book but copayments can still be costly.  So what kind of solutions can you expect to find at Robison Family Dental? 

 The Treatment Plan Estimate

 Before any treatment is performed, we take the opportunity to discuss the estimated cost of treatment with you.  We call your insurance company to find out the types of procedures that are covered.  Dental insurances always reserve the right to deny payment or even pay out less than expected, which can add frustration to the overall out of pocket experience.  When these circumstances arise, we will contact the insurance on your behalf, sending additional photographs, x-rays and any additional information that will help in the reconsideration of a denied dental claim. 

 Payment Options

 A few things that we can do to help soften the financial blow, is to break up the treatment into separate appointments.  This will allow time in between visits to recuperate financially.  As long as there is no risk for immediate infection, we can schedule treatment in longer intervals.  There is still risk, that decay or infection can get worse with time, so getting treated quicker is always the best option.  That is why we offer a financing option called CareCredit.  In about 15 minutes, you can apply for a no interest loan for 12 or 18 months.  Dental treatment can be completed quickly and you can have a full year to break up the payments. 

  If you have any question about third party financing, insurance coverage or anything else, call us at 801-748-1399 or send me an email at  Our office is located on the Jordan Valley Hospital Campus in West Jordan, Utah if you would like to stop by!


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