New Technology at Robison Family Dental
January 15, 2010
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Recently, at Robison Family Dental, some new technology has arrived. It has already made dental visits more comfortable for patients. Sometimes, it can be difficult for little ones to take x-rays. (Let's face it, it's hard for adults to take x-rays occasionally!) Our new x-ray machine allows us to take x-rays from outside the mouth! Your child won't have to have x-ray film in their mouth, which means a lot less gagging. :) In addition to the increased comfort levels, this new piece of equipment provides better quality imaging, with a lower amount of radiation.


Dental Breakthroughs
By Dentist Roseville
November 15, 2010
Great! Undergoing this kind of dental treatment eases the surgery itself and would let you experience bearable pain or painless if you may. I'm looking forward to feel this kind of dental breakthrough. :)
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