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January 30, 2010
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Cosmetic Rewards

One of the most rewarding procedures in dentisty is a smile makeover. Sometimes, it doesn't take much to improve someone's smile. Jagged edges or uneven front teeth can be adjusted in minutes, and the overall appearance of a smile can be greatly enhanced. Whitening can also add the finishing touch.

January's Makeover

This month, we are in the process of a mini makeover with cosmentic crowns. Granted this process is a little more involved than simple adjustments and whitening, however, the results can be extraordinary. The patient below, has not liked the appreance of her smile. Stained areas between teeth, an unnatural looking, metal/porcelain crown, and the overall color, have been the main reasons for her smile complaints.

Improved Materials

Charity beforeMetal/porcelain crowns tend to show dark lines at the gum line. Their metal substucture also creates a problem with translucency, which limits the amount of light that passes through teeth, giving the overall unnatural look. Over the years, cosmetic crowns have greatly improved on their natural-looking qualities. Metal-free crowns and veneers allow light to penetrate easily, thus mimicking the properties of tooth enamel.

The Results

Next week, we will finish up this mini makeover and post the results. Check out to learn more!


By Dr. Robison
January 22, 2010
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My Blog PostsAre Smiles Contagious?

implant before

after implants Recently, my daughter and her friend were assigned a science project for school. Their idea for the project was to see, if indeed, smiles are contagious. Of course, being a dentist, I was thrilled with the idea! It made me think about how a beautiful smile can impact a person's confidence,mood, and anyone they meet.

About a year ago, a woman came into my office with a whole host of problems with her mouth. As you can tell by the first photo, her smile was in trouble, not just cosmetically, but structurally. Implants and cosmetic crowns were used to repair the damage cause be gum disease and tooth decay, and

with time, we were able to rehabilitate her mouth into a healthy amazing smile. It was interesting to me to see how the change in her smile increased her self-confidence! She seems to be happier, and she doesn't cover her mouth when she laughs anymore.As far as the results from the school science project, my daughter and her friend discovered that smiles ARE contagious. When they would smile at someone else, most of the time, they would get a smile back.